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Janine Berry :: Auckland

RC Industries was recommended to me when I was looking to rebuild my St Heliers home.

It was a small one bedroom ex State duplex which was to more than double in size with a two storey extension to the rear. Whilst not a huge build it was complex. The site was tight and there were numerous challenges as there always are when old meets new.

Russell and Shane were fantastic.They kept me informed daily on the progress, brought the project in on budget and nothing was ever too much trouble.

This is not the first rebuild I have done and so I can speak from experience when I say they made what could have been a difficult rebuild straightforward.

I highly recommend Russell and his team.

Ann Craw :: Auckland / Ohiwa

One of my favourite places in the world is the family Bach, It is the place I wish to retire to.

Built in the fifties the two bedroom cottage no long met the needs of growing family and friends. I needed a builder that not only shared my empathy for the old building but understood my time line may be longer than most jobs and my budget may be limited.

Using the same footprint as the old building it was slowly transformed to bring it into the 21st century using modern technologies.

Russell identified areas of the property that needed urgent attention such as drainage issues, and access issues. The grounds were reinvented with retaining walls that will ensure it is trouble free well into the future.

Russell was able to advise me on  what to conserve and what to let go. I now have the most beautiful  hard wood floors, repaired where needed and finished to the highest grade. The concrete drive and footpaths have transformed the outdoor areas.

In Russell’s words “ we have taken no shortcuts on the engineering and quality”.  I now look back at what has been achieved and still can’t quite believe how wonderful it looks and functions.

Wanley Simpson :: Auckland

Russell and his team did an excellent job. Communication was good and the work was completed accurately to a high standard.

Russell is well organised with outstanding practical skills for resolving building issues.

I would have no hesitation in working with RCI again.